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Property Owners Associations

Cypress Village Property Owner Association

Cypress Village of Sugarmill Woods is a Deed Restricted Community within the Sugarmill Woods (SMW) community. The Cypress Village Property Owners Association was formed in 1975 as part of the new development community called Sugarmill Woods, which was established the same year. Within the SMW community, Cypress Village is the largest of the three major Deed Restricted Communities. The annual homeowner fees are $90.00.

The Cypress Village Board of Directors is responsible for enforcement of deed restrictions, including architectural control. They are also responsible to preserve, protect, and maintain the Greenbelt common areas, provide and supervise nighttime security, and maintain liaison with Citrus County agencies on issues affecting Cypress Village.

A Community Management Company and a Licensed Community Manager (LCAM) with Board oversight run the day-to-day operation of the Association.

Cypress Village POA

Oak Village Property Owner Association

The Oak Village Board of Directors is glad to welcome all current and potential new property owners and homeowners. While there are a number of relatively new areas most of Oak Village is a well-developed community.

Oak Village is a Deed Restricted Community with enough reasonable rules to protect property values, but not so restrictive as to interfere with the rights of its property owners and residents. The annual homeowner fees are $135.00.

The rural feel of Sugarmill Woods has been drawing new residents for many years. The feel of Old Florida with the Natural Springs, Rivers, and Gulf waters are all within a very short drive.

Oak Village Property Owners Association

Southern Woods Village Property Owners Association

Southern Woods Village of Sugarmill Woods is a Deed Restricted Community within the Sugarmill Woods (SMW) community. Within the SMW community, Southern Woods is the smallest of the three major Deed Restricted Communities.

The Southern Woods Property Owners Association membership consists of all properties, both developed and undeveloped. Membership in the Association is mandatory for all who own property in Southern Woods. The Association membership elects a Board of Directors from the membership. The Board of Directors governs the Southern Woods Property Owners Association. The Associations’ governing documents detail the duties and responsibilities of the Board. The Association can add, amend, or rescind any portion of the governing documents as long as such proposed changes fall within the legal guidelines established in the Florida Statutes for Homeowners Associations. Any proposed changes are submitted to the membership for a vote of approval according to voting procedures established within the existing documents. The annual homeowner fees are $103.00.

Souther Woods Village Property Owners Association


In Citrus County, and especially in Sugarmill Woods, we are very fortunate to have a first class Sheriff’s Office. Besides deputies patrolling Sugarmill Woods, the Sheriff's Office manages and trains uniformed volunteer citizens for the Crime Watch patrol. This watch patrol utilizes marked county vehicles with 2-way communication with Sheriff’s dispatchers. Sugarmill Woods Property Owners Associations provide nightly patrols as an additional safety measure for our neighborhoods. Another feature in the Sugarmill Woods neighborhood is a fulltime career-staffed firehouse providing fire protection and EMS services.

Sugarmill Woods Fire House
Crime Watch
Fire Rescue Sign

Citrus County

Its population of 140,000 includes two cities: Crystal River and Inverness. It also boasts numerous neighborhood communities and acres of farmland. Its seven rivers are a natural delight, its lakes a precious asset. Kings Bay offers boating, fishing, swimming, diving, and access to the Gulf of Mexico. Its coastline and Three Sisters Springs attract one of the largest populations of manatees in the world. Its residents enjoy three distinct seasons. Its southwest corner is home to unique living in Sugarmill Woods.

Monkey Island

The Nature Coast

Sandhill Crane

The inside curve of the Florida west coastline, known as the Big Bend area, has been designated The Nature Coast. Its eight counties offer natural attractions to humans and wildlife. It is a birder’s paradise, a challenge to fishing enthusiasts, beaches for swimmers, rivers, and canals for boaters and fifty golf courses to provide diversity for golfers. Its Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge is located just minutes from Sugarmill Woods. It is home to deer, alligators, raccoons, opossums, turtles, and birds: large, small and spectacular. Its creeks and backwaters offer a peaceful trip back in time.

Nature Coast
Sugarmill Nature